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The new year has started for all 19 kids at the school section. 

Many different activities have already been a way for them to explore their new spaces with each of the team members. Going to the farm or to the the library, exploring the connection between black and white, dancing elements of nature, resourcing into nature… the list can go on and on!

Learning is a powerful process for every kid that gets the time, the attention and the appropriate context to do so. 

Therefore, on this week’s post, we are happy to show you (only few) of the many different learning processes the children have been on.

First steps for the first year of school...

Some processes are just part of growing up when you’re taking your first steps at school. Writing and counting are part of it and it never misses to pick childrens’ interest each year.

The best way to get into it is always to learn how to write your own name, or the ones of the people you love the most, as it’s part of the construction of your identity.

Schoolers 1 get inspired by their elders to reproduce these “weird shapes” we call letters (Lina: “j’écris mon nom avec des lignes”). And even if schoolers 2 already learnt to explore the letters last year, they are still improving everyday by (successfully) attempting to write words based on what they hear. 

All of this creates a learning environment that led them to create their own game, where they try to recognize each other names’ by trying to recognize the letters (school2), or the writing style of each kid (school1).

"C'est mon papa qui vient cet après-midi!" - Amaya

Every thursday, the chess atelier takes place. This is an amazing occasion to create a community between the parents, the kids and the team, since it’s actually Daniel (Amaya’s father) that’s giving the lessons.

The children get a very adequate way to get into this complex game while developing competences regarding psycho-motricity, counting and writing numbers, and play with each other.


As you may know, each year comes with a theme that’s to be explored for the whole school. Despite all the great topics that could be explored with children, we will be focusing on colours this year.


The team itself has been and will be reflecting through this year on the best ways to approach this subject with the children. To leave with on a dreamy note, here are some pictures taken during our study group on colors. The different settings you can see could be exploratory for the children this year, but can you imagine how? Let us know when you see us at school and have a great week!

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