Celebrating Book Day with the School Group, March 7, 2024

Keep reading, it’s one of the most marvelous adventues that anyone can have.

Lloyd Alexander

For several years, l’écoline has participated in the annual World Book Day, a day to promote books and encourage children to discover the joy of reading. We love sharing books and stories together, and it is such a joy to have a day to celebrate our love of books even more! Last Thursday, the atelier transformed into a library, and we shared a morning gathered around beloved books brought from home. It was a lovely time to get comfy, cozy, and set off on adventures, or dream, or laugh together. Many of the children expressed interest in having another opportunity to share favorite books, so we will celebrate Book Day 2.0 this coming Thursday, March 14th!

We were thrilled to welcome Amaya’s mum (our first parent!) to share with us some stories on Friday morning. The children loved Monstruo Azul and Même pas en rêve! We eagerly await other parents and special books from home 🙂

Other moments from the week…

What games can we play when we are outside? We have begun a new project, giving visibility and importance to the various games that we have learned or invented this school year, creating cards that will be used when we go outside

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