School Journal May 13-17

This week, we had a visit from the Preschool children, who came to share their butterfly explorations.

On Tuesday, the children went to the lake and constructed cabanes with Valentina.

We returned the following Thursday, to check on the cabanes, a bit unsure of what we would find, after there had been lots of rain and time passed since the cabanes were built. We were happy to see that everything had survived! We took some time to examine them, making drawings of the structures, as well as noting the elements that made the structures solid. We also used some nearby logs to play some balance games.

Following the interest in houses and structures (explorations in connection with our Eco Schools theme this year), we read a book about a mouse architect that builds houses to suit the needs and desires of the different animals in the nature. The children then imagined what their dream houses would be like.

Camille joined us in the forest, and proposed a game to practice listening skills as well as body control to a small group of children.

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