School Journal, June 10-14

What a week! We were all very excited by Maia’s book on the Olympics and decided to dig in deep on the topic. We learned that many of the children already participate, or are interested in a wide variety of sports. Other interests, such as Capoeira or crafting, aren’t included in the official Olympics, but definitely have a place at the L’écoline Olympics! We have explored countries, flags, prepared our bibs (dossards) for the competitions. A small group prepared the torch, which was used in the opening ceremony dance choreographed by Marie Elodie. We were thrilled when Maia’s parents visited our classroom, and presented authentic Olympic torches.

Dariya has been exploring the sport of gymnastics, through workshops, in the afternoons.

On Tuesday, the School 2 children, who will be attending the Pavillon at lunch and after school, had the opportunity to visit the premises with Elizabeth. It was a great low-stress moment for the children to visit the educators, children and space without the stress of the big, new, beginning. The children were thrilled to see that they already know children who attend, that the educators are really nice, and that, actually it’s “just like L’écoline” 😉

On Thursday, the Chess Club celebrated their last course, with an outdoor class, a treasure hunt, and a closing ceremony.

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